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Brief History of the Alumni Association

The M.I.E.T Alumni Association has been in existence since 2002 in a rather informal way. The institution has held the Annual Alumni meetings on the 26th of January every year. These meetings have always been attended by a core group of Alumni members. The emphasis was more on providing an opportunity for the Alumni to connect with the campus and faculty and be abreast of developments in the Institution. There were some activities by the Alumni in terms of organizing guest lectures, conducting training programs for students in soft skills and facing interviews and providing inputs for projects. Their hearts were in the right place and was demonstrated through their contributions towards scholarships and financial support to students. The Office bearers were elected every year and they carried the baton till the next year.

Agenda for the Future

The relationship between an educational institution and its Alumni Association is symbiotic. A person’s Alma Mater plays a significant role in shaping a person’s knowledge, skills and attitude. It provides a launching pad for a person stepping into adulthood. M.I.E.T has played this role significantly in the lives of thousands of students and will continue to do so for years to come and, when the students do step into the world, they become brand ambassadors for the institution.

The Alumni Association is, in a way, the umbilical chord between the alumni and the institution and fosters the relationship between the former students and their Alma Mater. It provides a forum for their contribution to the institution in a multitude of ways and help further build the reputation of the institution. The Association also offers an opportunity for the institution and its students to continuously stay in touch with its brand ambassadors and help each other in fostering the growth of the institution.

Last, but not the least, the Association provides a “meeting place” for former students whose lives take different paths in different countries. In a way, the association becomes a home where the students can connect with another throughout their lives. We hope this website will facilitate and strengthen this connect between students who have passed through the corridors of this institution and will do so in the years to come.

The purpose of the Alumni Association can therefore be enunciated as follows:

  • Between the Alumni themselves: A meeting point to share knowledge, experiences, views and opportunities.
  • Between Alumni and Faculty: Provide faculty members with one of the many windows to the outside world, help network with industries, supplement their teaching resources with guest lectures, seminars and the like and ultimately, help in collaborative research efforts between industry and faculty.
  • Between Alumni and Students: Provide leadership as mentors & role-models, promote project & placement opportunities and encourage excellence through sponsorship of prizes and awards.
  • Between Alumni and Institution: Contribute to Institution’s efforts towards social causes and building infrastructure and in turn benefit from the Institution’s reputation as one of the country’s leading places for learning.