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The department provides extensive computing resources for UG and PG. This includes more than 150 high-performance computers in the range of Linux, Windows. Addition to general purpose file server, the department maintains two specialized servers for database clients and Linux based workstations. Internet provides 8mbps broadband connection. Department network communications include a structured cabling, offering 1 Gbps connectivity to the commodity internet and provides intranet within the hi-tech lab, which hosts the following 11 laboratories and 2 laboratories have been provided for PG students also.

Laboratory Facilities:

  1. Programming Data Structures Laboratory
  2. Database Management Systems Laboratory
  3. Networks Laboratory
  4. Operating Systems Laboratory
  5. Case Tools Laboratory
  6. Internet Programming Laboratory
  7. Computer Graphics Laboratory
  8. Mobile Application Development Laboratory
  9. Compiler Laboratory
  10. Security Laboratory
  11. Grid and Cloud Computing Laboratory
  12. WebProgramming Laboratory
  13. Datamining Laboratory

Latest equipments with Software includes 120 systems with 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Disk Drive with operating system Windows XP Professional. The Systems are installed with Turbo C++, Rational Suite Enterprise, Turbo C, Microsoft Office XP Professional, Oracle 9i, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Adobe Reader 8.0 and Adobe Creative Suite and Mcafee Antivirus.

Department library:

In order to enrich the knowledge of the students the department library has a separate room and equipped with more than 1000 books consisting of several computer science engineering subjects which includes Operating Systems and Programming Languages. The department library located in a dedicated and spacious room and has more than 175 books covering a wide range of subjects. The library also includes all the previous student’s project reports and set of previous year's university question papers. Our college is also provided with the online access services like Science Direct & IEEE.

Seminar Hall:

The department also helps the students to enhance their knowledge by conducting various seminars covering latest developments and trends in the field of computer science and engineering, by providing a dedicated seminar hall with seating capacity of 135.

The seminar hall is also equipped with an Overhead Projector, a LCD projector, a dedicated Laptop, and a Public Addressing System.

Class Rooms:

All the class rooms are furnished with OHP projectors provisions, LCD projectors for enhancing effective teaching methodology. The class rooms are planned to have Wi-fi connectivity to support e-Learning in future.