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Laboratory Facilities

  • Thermal Engineering Lab - I & II
  • Manufacturing Technology I & II
  • Dynamics Lab
  • Metrology and Measurements Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Metallurgy Lab
  • Engineering Practices Lab


Thermal lab is one of the important laboratories in Mechanical Engineering department. Students are able to know about all the modes of heat transfer while performing practical classes. Determination of thermal conductivity by Steady-State method, Radiation Heat Transfer, Thermal Contact-Conductance, Heat Transfer from extended surface, Boiling Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer by Forced Convection etc. are some major fields where students perform their experiments.

Equipment’s Available at Thermal Laboratory - I

  1. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Apparatus
  2. Stefan Boltzmann Constant apparatus
  3. Forced Convection Test Rig
  4. Emissivity Measuring apparatus
  5. Air conditioning Test rig
  6. Natural Convection Test rig
  7. Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Test rig
  8. Pin – Fin apparatus of forced convection
  9. Cooling Tower
  10. Composite wall apparatus
  11. Thermal Conductivity of material in powder form
  12. LPG – Refrigeration Test rig
  13. Two stage Air compressor Test rig


Thermal laboratory is one of the core laboratories of mechanical engineering. This laboratory consists of various heat engines covering both internal and external combustion engine. More specifically the laboratory consists of variety of internal combustion engine. Such as single cylinder, multi-cylinder, petrol engine, diesel engine. This laboratory gives hands on experience on engine testing and emission testing to the UG level mechanical engineering students. In addition to this the laboratory consists fuel testing, boiler performance testing.

Equipment’s available at Heat Engines Laboratory

  1. Centrifugal Type Air blower
  2. Diesel Engine-Single Cylinder Four stroke-Water Cooled-5.H.P-600 rpm (slow speed)
  3. Diesel Engine-Two Cylinder Four Stroke-Watercooled-10 H.P-1500 rpm
  4. Petrol Engine-Single Cylinder Two stroke-Air Watercooled-10 H.P-1200rmp-High Speed
  5. Petrol Engine-Single Cylinder Two stroke-Air Water-cooled with Eddy current dynamometer-1500 rpm-High Speed
  6. Petrol Engine-Multi Cylinder Four stroke-Water-cooled with Hydraulic loading dynamometer-1500 rpm-High Speed
  7. Rotary compressor test rig.
  8. Saybolt viscometer
  9. Cleavel and flash and fire point apparatus.
  10. Cut section model of two stroke petrol engine.
  11. Cut section model of four stroke Diesel engine.
  12. Two Gas Exhaust Analyzer-Setup
  13. Steam Boiler with electrical loading setup


Manufacturing technology lab established since the inception of college. This laboratory is equipped with special machines and various other facilities required for fundamental machining practice. This machine shop consists of more than 13 lathes and heavy duty lathes, and special machines. Also this lab consists of few measuring instruments for cutting forces.

Equipment’s available in Manufacturing Technology Lab

  1. Center Lathe
  2. Heavy Duty Lathe.
  3. Shaping machine.
  4. Radial Drilling machine.
  5. Surface Grinding machine.
  6. Slotting Machine.
  7. Universal Milling Machine.
  8. Capstan and Turret Lathe.
  9. Bench Grinder.
  10. Power hacksaw.
  11. Center less grinding machine


Dynamics lab is well equipped with experimental setups to enable our UG Mechanical students to conduct various experiments and enrich theoretical concept of the subject.

Equipment’s Available at Dynamics Lab

  1. Vibration Setup
  2. Universal Governor Setup
  3. Gyroscopic unit
  4. Balancing Setup
  5. Critical Speed Setup
  6. CAM Profile Setup
  7. Kinematic Models
  8. Torque measuring setup
  9. Force measuring setup
  10. Turn table apparatus
  11. Epicyclic gear train
  12. Vibrating table


In metrology lab, various measuring and inspection instruments are available for the measurement with high precision and accuracy. The instruments available in the lab are very useful for mechanical engineering students.

Equipment’s available in Metrology Lab

  1. Auto collimator
  2. Tool Makers Measuring Microscope
  3. Profile Projector
  4. Tacho Generator
  5. L.V.D.T
  6. Vernier height Gauge
  7. Vernier Depth Gauge
  8. Outside Micrometers
  9. Inside Micrometers
  10. Pneumatic Comparator
  11. Slip gauges
  12. Thread measuring kit
  13. Temperature measuring setup
  14. Vibration measuring setup
  15. Strobe scope
  16. Bevel protector


Welding shop provides extensive training facilities in shielded metal Arc Welding, MIG Welding, Qxy-acetylene welding and cutting, flame cutting etc.


Mechatronics is the integration of Mechanical Engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of products and Process. Mechatronics Lab support students:

Equipment and Software’s available in Mechatronics Lab

  1. Basic pneumatic kit
  2. Electro pneumatic kit
  3. PLC based Electro pneumatic kit
  4. Hydrosim and pneumosim software


Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM) gives an idea about the software Knowledge of design and manufacturing. The main objective of this laboratory is to provide the knowledge and techniques of the research and applications of CAD/CAM. In addition, CAD/CAM software training will be given to all students at the end of the semester under the continuous education program.

Computers and its Accessories Available

  1. Computers with Core 2 Dual Processors
  2. Samsung Laser Jet Printers
  3. Hp Design Jet A0 Plotter
  4. MTAB CNC turning Machine
  5. MTAB CNC Milling Machine
  6. Solid works 2008 software
  7. AutoCAD 2005 software
  8. Pro-e (wild fire) Software
  9. DLP Projector