GUEST LECTURE on “Advanced techniques for Smart Phone service and Troubleshooting”

Topic: Advanced techniques for Smart Phone service and Troubleshooting    

Date:   4.10.2019 & 5.10.2019(Two days)

Venue: B-Block (RF Lab & Microprocessor Lab)      Target Audience: II, III and IV year ECE

Resource person: Mr.R.Karthi, New Technology,Mobile Service & Training Institute, Coimbatore.

Objective of Program: To make the student to understand about tracking, identifying Components, Trouble Shooting and also assembles and dissemble the Mobile Phone.

Topics Covered:

  1. Basics of Electronic Components
  2. Current and voltage power
  3. AC current and DC Current
  4. IC Identification in mobile phone.
  5. Testing of Battery and Components by using various Testing method.
  6. Circuit Diagram for i) Speaker and Ringer Solution ii) Insert SIM (or) No Signal Solution (iii) Charging Solution
  7. Checking of Speaker, Mike and Ringer in Mobile phone.
  8. Dead Mobile Solution
  9. Software Problems in Mobile phone.


CO1: Identification of Active and Passive Component in the PCB Board inside the mobile phone

CO2: Students have learned about how to diagnose the mobile Phone.

CO3: Students have learned about how to replace the components according to the problem occur in the mobile phone.

CO4: The Students have gained basic knowledge to become the Entrepreneur in mobile session.

PO & PSO Mapping:

PO1 PO2 PO3 PO4 PO5 PO6 PO7 PO8 PO9 PO10 PO11 PO12 PSO1 PSO2