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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Topic: “Air Pollution and Control Engineering”                                    Date: 08.08.2019 Venue: B-Block seminar Hall                                                Target Audience: III Year EEE Resource person: Dr.J.Thirumal, AP/Civil Dept.,                           Anna University Regional Campus,                           Tirunelveli. Objective of Program: To impart knowledge on the principle, design and control of Indoor/ particulate/ gaseous air pollutant and its emerging trends. Topics Covered:
  • Basic concepts of Air Pollution and its Control technologies,
  • Meteorology,
  • Control of Particulate Contaminants & Gaseous Contaminants,
  • Indoor air quality management and
  • The fundamental theories as well as practices of various devices for major air pollutant control.
  • Ability to understand the nature and characteristics of air pollutants.
  • Ability to design stacks and particulate air pollution control devices to meet applicable standards.
  • Ability to identify, formulate and solve air & noise pollution problems
 PO & PSO Mapping:
PO1 PO2 PO3 PO4 PO5 PO6 PO7 PO8 PO9 PO10 PO11 PO12 PSO1 PSO2