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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Topic: “Security Issues in Cloud Computing                                    Date: 31.08.2019 Venue: C- BLOCK (SMART CLASS ROOM)               Target Audience: IV Year CSE Resource person: Mr.Vijai Veeramani ,DevOps Engineer Senior Project Manager,Oracle Corporation,Bangalore. Objective of Program: To enrich student knowledge in “Security Issues in Cloud Computing” which specifies the safety and security of communication and user authentication, data authentication such as integrity and authentication, non-repudiation of origin, and confidentiality in cloud computing. Topics Covered:
  • Basic concepts of Cloud Computing.
  • Data Loss and Inadequate Data Backups
  • Shared Cloud computing services.
  • Live demonstration on their own company cloud environment.
  • Gain knowledge on the concept of virtualization that is fundamental to cloud computing.
  • Enrich the knowledge of programming skill in cloud.
  • Understand the security issues in cloud environment.                                                              
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