Perspective Plan

S.No Strategic /Perspective Plan Current status Action plan
1 Striving for obtaining recognition from Anna University to serve as research center for all eligible departments. Department of Mechanical Engineering and EEE are already recognized as research centre and Department of ECE have initiated for research centre recognition by applying to Anna University. Remaining department are striving to obtain recognition for research centers in the next two years
2 Enabling more eligible departments to get the NBA Accreditation status by 2023. Already Under graduate programs of three departments obtained NBA accreditation. Remaining departments are in the process of working to get accreditation in the Academic Year 2023-2024.
3 Eligible departments to excel well with permanent affiliation. Department of Mechanical Engineering is awarded permanent affiliation by the affiliating University. Other Departments seek permanent affiliation and propose to comply well before 2024.
4 Creating centers of excellence and professional laboratories for each department in collaboration with reputed industries by 2024. Established industrial tie up with Siemens in association with National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. Similar tie ups and collaborative works are initiated with other organizations of repute.
5 Reaping, Ranking and recognition in AICTE with high quality institutional initiatives. Under NIRF evaluation since AY 2016-17. Striving hard to reach top 200 ranks by 2024.
6 To motivate the eligible faculty members to register for Ph.D by 2024 and to pursue research related academic activities. 36 Faculty members with Ph.D Qualification are presently serving in the institution. Good numbers of faculty members have registered for their Ph.D Programme.
7 Inspiring students to improve their employability skills by 2024. Averages of 70% students are placed through Campus hiring. Train students to deserve employment in Tier-I Companies.
8 To utilize various sources available for funding from state and central Govt. Agencies such as DRDO,DST,CSIR and AICTE for organizing conferences/Seminars /Workshops/FDP/Research projects. Attracted funding CSIR, EDII & TNSCST. Qualitatively increasing the Submission of major research projects / conference / seminar grant proposals to government funding agencies.
9 Elevate the institute as a preferred choice for creamy layer students. Started attracting academically meritorious students. To increase the percentage of meritorious students by above 80%.
10 By effective functioning of research centers of the college, improving research and developmental activities to satisfy the expectation of stake holders. Established Bio - diesel research laboratory. Promoting inter-disciplinary research to set- up more laboratories exclusively for research by 2024.
11 Encouraging our faculty members to publish research papers in reputed International / National journals particularly in journals with good impact factor journals. Incentives are announced to faculty members for publishing in journals. The number of publications in peer reviewed journals with good Impact Factor has increased in the recent past. Planning to establish and inculcate a culture of research attitude among faculty members.
12 Promoting Industry-Institute improvement activities to enhance quality education through participating interaction with Alumni, Entrepreneur and other stack holders, for more achievements. More number of functioning MoUs, top notch Placements, Internships, IPTs and IVs. Regular Invitation of Industrial experts for invited talks to motivate students for providing practical knowledge. To ensure 100% Campus placement for all eligible students by providing training facility in core competency area.

Strategic/Perspective Plan-2.0

S.No Strategic /Perspective Plan Target Academic Year
1 To Strive for autonomy in curriculum development, academic policies, and administrative decisions to foster flexibility and innovation. 2024-2025
2 To create a state-of-the-art Idea Lab equipped with modern tools, prototyping facilities and collaborative spaces. 2024-2025
3 To obtain institute research center recognition from Anna University, Chennai. 2024-2025
4 To establish an Innovation and Incubation Center through MSME to support aspiring entrepreneurs in translating innovative ideas into viable businesses. 2025-2026
5 To establish specialized support services for international students through Study in India Program, including orientation programs, academic advising, immigration assistance, and language support. 2025-2026
6 Foster partnerships with industries, businesses, and agencies to provide students with service-learning, internships, and experiential learning opportunities to students. 2026-2027
7 Enabling more eligible departments to get the NBA Accreditation /Reaccreditation status by 2026. 2027-2028
8 Encouraging all our faculty members to publish research papers in reputed International / National journals particularly in journals with good impact factor journals. 2028-2029
9 To obtain atleast 10 funded projects from Government and Non - Government Agencies such as DRDO, DST, CSIR, AICTE, etc.. 2028-2029
10 To provide consultancy services to a target value of 50 Lakhs for potential clients and industries. 2028-2029
11 Fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and welcomes students from various places of the world. 2028-2029