Recognized Research Supervisors

Sl. No Ref. No Supervisor Name Department Year of Recognition as Guide Research Area E-mail
1 2420289 Dr.A. Naveen Sait MECHANICAL 2009 Machining,Composites,Optimization, Weldinng.
2 4120149 Dr.B.Selvam MECHANICAL 2023 Metal Matrix Composite, Materials Characterization, Nano Materials, Powder Metallurgy
3 4220034 Dr.K.Panneer Selvam MECHANICAL 2023 Mechanical Vibration, Vehicle Suspension, Mathematical Modeling, Finite Element Analysis and Simulation
4 3920026 Dr.G.Pranesh MECHANICAL 2022 Internal combustion Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Energy Engineering, Alternate fuels
5 8350145 Dr.P.Shahul Hameed CIVIL 2006 Environmental Science - Water Pollution Radioactivity
6 2710005 Dr.P.V.Premalatha CIVIL 2015 Structural Engineering, Soil-Structure Interaction, Construction Materials, Ocean Engineering
7 2830065 Dr.U.Suresh Kumar EEE 2016 Cost and Size Optimization in Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Power Quality
8 3930030 Dr.S.Sarojini Mary EEE 2022 Power Electronics and drives, Renewable Energy , Solar MPPT power tracking , DC-DC converters for solar applications
9 4030012 Dr.V. Sivakami EEE 2022 Hot Wire Anemometer, Digital Conditioning Circuits, Measurements and Instrumentation, Uncertainty Analysis sivamanonitt@
10 4190048 Dr.M.Vijai Meyyappan ECE 2023 BioMEMS, Nano Electronics, MEMS, Nano Technology
11 4190023 Dr.P.Rajalakshmi ECE 2023 Metamaterial Antenna, Microwave Filters, Substrate Integrated Wave Guides, Wearable Antenna
12 4140114 Dr.S.Archana ECE 2023 On-Chip Antenna, Design of Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier
13 4170101 Dr.P.Prabu Physics 2023 Crystal Growth and Optical Crystal