Dr. M. Y. Abdul Jaleel, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman’s Message

I beckon every prospective student to become liable engineers and make their parents, institute and the nation proud. While scientists study the world as it is, engineers make the world that has never been. Of course engineering is the key driver of human development in this world. The M.I.E.T. today has metamorphosed into an unsurpassed institution with significant visibility. It was only natural to give M.I.E.T. the look and feel of a more complete academic environment and we have ensured that with the development of the Engineering and Technological studies in recent years.

Today, it is well known that the corporate seeks a generation of young people who are not only enlightened, but also trained and developed to think innovatively. They are expected to meet tough challenges and create opportunities in uncharted areas with unprecedented success as risk takers. They soon settle in an advanced academic ecosystem which abets an innovative approach to the evolving challenges of the academic world. They will be required to acquire diverse skills and competencies understand the parameters of foremost a dignified quality of life to achieve the same through intellectual self-propelled pursuits. I am sure that with our collective vision, we will accomplish the enshrined goals through dynamic, participative and scholarly academic inputs duly complemented by collaborative deployment of professionals of high repute and caliber. The M.I.E.T. will unquestionably serve as a cradle of innovation and research to facilitate this.