List of Patent Applied / Published

S.No Name Title Year
1 Dr. A.Naveen Sait and

Dr. K.Panneer Selvam

Anthropometry Based Ergonomic Design Of Cartridge Head Fordental Flick 2022
Dr.T.Karthikeyan, and P.Jayakumar Neck Guard for Lathe Machine Operator 2018
Dr.S.Renold Elsen, J.Ronald Aseer, A.Mohammed Rilwan Machine Vision System for Teaching Orthogonal and Isometric Projections in Technical Drawings 2016
Dr.S.Renold Elsen, S.Zubair Ahamed, A.Mohammed Rilwan, S.Mohammed Suhail, S.Rasheed Ahamed, M.Nataraj Linear Hydro Impulse Energy to Torque Converter Device 2015
Dr.K.Paneer  Selvam Parallel  Rods nFlat Follower CAM Mechanism 2021
Dr.K.Paneer  Selvam Quarter Car  model experimental setup for torsion bar spring suspension system 2021
2 Dr.A.Belinjude

C.Harihara Sudhan


B.Hephzibah Lincy

Structural model for health monitoring on RC elements IoT 2020
3 Dr.S.Shanmuga Priya Stress detector and reducer wearable device using IoT 2020
4 Dr.S.Shanmuga Priya,



Mr Doctor an intelligent medicine box for elderly people 2020
5 Dr.V.Chandrasekar Smart wooden box for birds breeding and health monitoring using IOT 2020
6 Dr.S.Sarojini Mary Water Harvesting Provisions in Underground Drainage Pipes 2020
7 Dr.S.Sarojini Mary Development of advanced multi agent system with mobile Robot for control strategy 2020
8 Dr.M.Vijai Meyyappan Nano Photodiode Array for Sub-Retinal implant 2021
9 Dr.M.Vijai Meyyappan Intelligent smart monitoring system for early direction of Diabetic foot ulcer 2021